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Thom Tillis endorses Catherine Truitt

Embattled U.S. Senator Thom Tillis comes out to support another embattled Republican:
NC Superintendent Catherine Truitt.

Senator Thom Tillis was censured by North Carolina Republicans last year for his support and votes for far-left policies.

Tillis enshrined gay marriage in federal law. The senator lobbied his GOP colleagues to vote for the "Respect for Marriage" law but only a few, including him, supported the far-left bill.

Tillis supported Biden's gun-grab bill that would allow judges to predict dangerous behavior and issue orders to prevent it by revoking Second Amendment rights.

Judges – like anyone else – cannot predict the future and many law-abiding gun owners could be stripped of their Second Amendment rights under the law.

Last week, Tillis announced his support for Biden's signature immigration bill that rewards illegals for entering America. As a result of the bill, two-year work permits will be issued sooner instead of taking months to receive as is the case now. The Democratic mayors of cities like New York and Chicago have made this demand for months. 

Senator Tills' support for Catherine Truitt makes sense.  Last summer, Truitt participated in a political roundtable to support Tillis' gun-grabbing bill that also funds school counselors.

Over her tenure, Truitt has angered the Republican base by doing the following in her role as Superintendent of Public Instruction:

Tillis has made our county more dangerous, Truitt has made our schools more dangerous. 

As Superintendent of Public Instruction, Michele Morrow will end DEI and critical race theory teacher training on Day One! Under her leadership, teachers will be trained on evidence-based pedagogies for teaching math, science, and reading.

Michele knows that fear of violence and fear of harassment is robbing too many children of their right to receive a sound basic education. Teachers cannot teach and students cannot learn amid discord and distraction. As Superintendent, Michele and her team will deploy a common-sense discipline and safety plan to make schools the safest buildings in North Carolina.

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