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Michele Morrow NC Superintendent

Meet Michele Morrow.

Wife. Mother. Nurse. Educator. Advocate. 

Michele is known throughout North Carolina for working with voters and elected officials to pass bills that protect parental rights and girls in sports.


She has 16 years of classroom homeschooling experience, and she has expertise in developing robust high school curricula for civics, history, science, and English to meet the diverse learning needs of students.


As a nurse, Michele managed a health clinic in the most rural area in the lower 48 states and worked in an emergency department in Texas.

As a missionary in some of the poorest areas in Mexico, she mentored youth and educated families to enhance their self-sufficiency and improve their mental, physical, and emotional health.


In Michele's view, all children possess unique strengths and talents to bring to the community. She believes it is North Carolina's education leaders' job to create policies and remove barriers that will help develop these attributes. This will put every child on a path to critical thinking and prosperity.

Family First

Michele is a devoted wife and mother to five wonderful kids! She spent most of her childhood in upstate New York and moved to Charlotte, NC when she was a sophomore in high school. 


Michele met her husband, Stuart, on a mission trip to Mexico, and after marrying, the couple spent four years serving in Mexico City, where three of their children were born. Michele and her family lived in Mexico for several years while working as missionaries. 

Service to Children

Michele and Stuart were foster parents in Austin, Texas, before moving to Colorado to run a Christian family and youth camp. Her responsibilities included serving as a camp nurse and mentoring young women. Her family moved back to North Carolina nine years ago when she began teaching high schoolers Biology, Chemistry, Spanish, and Civics, in local co-ops.

Michele's children attended public, private, and home school over the past 19 years. Her experience with each system gives her a unique perspective to bring to the Department of Instruction.

Compassionate Nurse

Michele received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  She worked for several years caring for critically ill patients in the ICU. Michele moved to Texas and managed patients in the Emergency Department.

Like all nurses, Michele worked under pressure and had to make decisions using critical thinking to quickly put knowledge into practice. By using her solid analytical skills, she was able to collect information, evaluate the facts, and come to rational conclusions about how to improve the quality of patient care.

Effective Educator

Throughout her career in education, Michele developed young people into responsible citizens by developing their integrity, courage, compassion, character, and responsibility.  Her experience includes classroom teaching and program development. 


While serving as director of a Wake County education network, Michele's work was grounded in high-quality teaching and learning, family and teacher empowerment, evidence-based practices, and student preparation for college and career pathways.

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