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Close Our Borders. Save Our North Carolina Children, Families, and Schools.

American children continue to face dangerous repercussions from open borders in the United States. The burgeoning crisis of drug trafficking, particularly fentanyl, has been linked to open borders, causing alarm among parents, educators, and policymakers.

My opponent stays SILENT about the 1.5 million children put at risk from unvetted migrants pouring into North Carolina towns and invading our schools!

The statistics are harrowing. With more than 22 students lost weekly to fentanyl overdoses, the United States is facing an education and health emergency. This number is not just a statistic; it represents the loss of potential, dreams, and irreplaceable human lives.

America is losing an entire classroom of children every week to fentanyl poisoning.

A controversy in Wilmington, North Carolina, has sparked outrage as a school designated for low-income students was shuttered to be converted into a refugee camp for illegal migrants. This action was taken without communication with parents and school board members, leaving families sidelined and their children's educational needs overlooked.

My opponent has done NOTHING to step in and enforce laws and policies that put American children FIRST!

I am running for Superintendent of Public Instruction on a platform of Safety, Scholastics, and Spending Sanity in our K-12 schoos. I will prioritize educational and financial resources for American families and students.

Here are some more of my school safety priorities:

  • Prioritized spending on student resource officers, video surveillance, and weapons detection systems in every school based on the 2021 safety audits.

  • Advocating for criminal background checks for all school staff.

  • Deploying a common-sense discipline and safety plan instead of relying on social workers for public safety.

My number one priority is to make schools the safest buildings in the state.

On February 15th, early voting will begin and YOU will decide the future of North Carolina's education system.

I will be number one on the Republican Primary ballot because I will put American children and families FIRST.

I ask that you vote for me, Michele Morrow, as Superintendent of Public Instruction.

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