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Michele Hosts School Safety Town Hall On Raleigh Last Night

Parents, grandparents, and teachers gathered to talk, listen, and work toward safer schools. Republican nominee for Superintendent Michele Morrow held a town hall in Raleigh last night to share ideas and find solutions to problems.


During the town hall, participants discussed various issues related to school safety. These issues included improving discipline, implementing effective anti-drug programs, and closing loopholes that could leave schools vulnerable to school shootings.

In her remarks, Morrow said parents and teachers across the state are alarmed by what they see on K-12 campuses. Drug use, assault, and even murder have become regular occurrences.

Morrow said she'll work with the General Assembly to roll back State Board regulations that tie school staff's hands. Regulations, she explained, make it impossible for teachers and principals to control their classrooms. She also said supporting teachers when they do what’s needed to control their classrooms is one of her biggest priorities.

Panelists included:

Annette Albright, a nationally recognized school safety expert living in Charlotte. She holds an associate of science in corrections and juvenile services, a bachelor’s in criminal justice, and a master’s in organizational management. Annette spoke at the White House in 2018 to share her experience of being assaulted by students while teaching at a Charlotte High School. Her input led to the repeal of federal mandates that made schools unsafe.

Angie Todd is an Onslow County Schools Board of Education member. She has played a crucial role in resolving and acting on school safety issues, including suspending teachers convicted of sexual crimes against children. Also, Angie was a catalyst and inspiration for legislative changes to student searches in public schools, SB 90. This change was incorporated into HB 259 in September 2023.

Dr. Scott Lassiter founded the Lassiter Education Foundation, which provides scholarships to at-risk youth in Wake County. He has also served as a board member for Kids Together Playground. Scott is the legislative chair for the Wake County Public Schools Principals/Assistant Principals Association. Scott is a middle school principal in Wake County and a candidate for the State House in District 13.

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