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The Most Important Job in North Carolina

The state of North Carolina is looking for a chief of schools to oversee the public education system.


I believe that every student can succeed regardless of their circumstances which motivates me to run for Republican State Superintendent.

Michele Morrow, Candidate for Republican Superintendent

Some say that the Superintendent of Public Instruction is powerless to lead North Carolina's K-12 system. They believe the position is a figurehead.


Well, I disagree!


The Office of the Superintendent develops the 12 academic standards K-12 students are expected to master.


Catherine Truitt's revised Social Studies Standards got an F for Historical content and a D- for Civics from the Thomas B. Fordham Institute.


 From the report:


 "North Carolina's new civics and U.S. History standards are inadequate. Nebulous verbiage and an aversion to specifics make them functionally contentless in many places, and organization is poor throughout. A complete revision is recommended before implementation."


Catherine Truitt's Social Studies Standards also include DEI / CRT concepts like white privilege and gender identity, even after 30,000 people signed a petition against this.


The Office of the Superintendent is responsible for advocating for and implementing policies that keep our 2,500+ district public schools, 200+ charter schools safe.


Catherine Truitt advocates for discipline policies based on skin color and social workers instead of discipline policies. The results? In 2022 weapon possessions are up 60%, firearm possessions are up 30%, and drug possessions are up 14%


Parents deserve to feel safe when dropping their children off at our schools. Teachers should not worry about physical safety at work.


The Office of the Superintendent is responsible for stewarding taxpayer money intended for the education of the state's 1.5 million children.


Under Catherine Truitt, $230 million in COVID funds were unaccounted for - they may never have made it to classrooms. Her office missed the federal reporting deadline for $732 million and misreported $8.2 million in grant disbursements. This gross mismanagement could have cost the state billions in repayments.


Taxpayers can literally not afford another 4 years of Catherine Truitt.


Given Catherine Truitt's disastrous track record of managing the 700 employees in her office, it's understandable that she'd want the public to think she has no power to lead our education system.


But the truth is, she's a poor leader.


North Carolina deserves a moral, no-nonsense leader who will impose order and accountability at the Department of Public Instruction.


I am that leader.


I have spent years working in teams and leading them.


I’m honored that we’ve built a strong coalition of school board members, teachers, and parents who support my campaign and who I believe will help us do the work as we go forward, including board members in Moore County, Onslow, Cabarrus, Catawba, and others.


I am number one on the ballot because I am the only bold, conservative reformer in this race for Superintendent.


I humbly ask for your vote starting February 15th.

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Cherry Pik
Cherry Pik

Absolutely is the most important job in my view. Vote Michele (with one L) Morrow for State Superintendent of Schools In the primary March 5, 2024.

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