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Endorsement Alert

Board of Education members across North Carolina endorse my campaign for Republican Superintendent of Public Schools!

They know that policies pushed down from the state and federal level prioritize teaching children racially divisive and sexually explicit content instead of reading and math. 


  • One in 4 eighth-graders in North Carolina are math proficient.

  • Just 35% of our 4th graders read at grade level. 

  • 26 % of eighth graders are reading proficient. 


North Carolina's state education system rewards schools that embrace radical ideologies, instead of encouraging healthy competition, academic excellence, and personal responsibility.


I will end DEI and critical race theory teacher training on Day One! Teachers will be trained on evidence-based pedagogies for teaching math, science, and reading.

I will strengthen learning partnerships with community colleges and businesses in each district to provide associate-level classes and internships in every high school. 


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